World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment.
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 Common Problems

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a. Destroyed Hearthstone

You've destroyed your Hearthstone! Now you find that you cannot teleport back to your inn! Relax, for all you need to do is visit the nearest Innkeeper and bind yourself there (as if you still had your stone) and you'll get a replacement.

b. Can't get to Corpse

You may have died in some awful place that you can't get to in your Spirit Form. There are a few options to deal with such a problem:

1) Rez at the Spirit Healer. All you need to do is talk with the Healer - keep in mind you will be awarded with a massive debuff to your stats and a good chunk of durability loss for your equipment! This is, however, the easiest choice, and your stats will return to normal after a set amount of time (you'll still need to repair, however).

2) If you've already left the Spirit Healer you can click the 'Return to Graveyard' button at the top middle of your screen. You can also use the 'Auto Unstuck' feature in your '?' menu to return to the nearest Healer.

3) If nothing else works - such as your Spirit is now stuck - then file a GM ticket (again, the '?' menu will help you with this). It may be a long wait until you are assisted, so consider either logging off or hopping onto another character. (see below for more on GM tickets)

c. Failing Quests

You will almost certainly come across a quest or two that you thought you could take on but end up ultimately failing - escort quests come to mind. Fret not about this, as you will be able to open your Quest Log, select the Quest, then select 'Abandon'. Returning to the initial quest giver will allow you to repeat the quest. (There are a choice few quests where you are not able to do this - simply fill out a GM ticket to be helped!)

d. GM Tickets

GMs are Game Masters that are employed by Blizzard to help players in the game. They will also respond to reports of harassment and other such infractions.

To fill out a GM ticket, go to the '?' at the bottom of your screen. This will pull up a menu where you have the option of opening a ticket. When you fill out your ticket be as concise and informative as possible. General information to include would be: your character's name, the realm, and what time the problem occurred (and who was involved, if reporting someone).

GMs will generally attempt to contact you in the game. Sometimes the wait can be rather long, so it's perfectly all right to log off or jump onto another character. If you log off, an in-game e-mail will be sent once the problem is addressed. If you are on another character, the GM will contact you on that other character.

Useful Links
a. General Information

NPCs, Quest Information, Gear Information, etc:

Lore, Realms, Zones, In-Depth, etc: (Lore)

b. Refer-A-Friend

How To:

c. Guild Recruitment
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Common Problems
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